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Laser Cutting Punching Forming
Equipment List    
Amada Vipros 255 Punch
The Vipros 255 is Amada's hydraulic turret punch press for light-to-mid gauge sheet metal fabrication. Vipros 255 provides 22 tons of punching force delivering 600 hits per minute and can process 50" x 100" sheets with a single repositioning cycle.
1 AMADA FBD8025NT & 1 50 TON
Amada's FBD 8025NT high accuracy, hydraulic press brake offers quick set-up, high-speed operation, and multi-stage bending with ± ¼ degree angular accuracy.
2 Mitsubishi 2512s
The Mitsubishi 2512lz 3000 Watt Co2 Laser 4' x 8' cuts up to 0.625 thick steel with laser precision.
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