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3D Printing News:

This Semi-Automatic Gun Is “95 Percent” 3D Printed

It turns out, 3D printing has applications most people haven’t considered, including in-home arms manufacturing. Should this be regulated? If so, how? Share your thoughts with us.

3D Printed Robot Swarms

That title might sound like the precursor of a robot apocalypse, but never fear: these robots are friendly. Well, they’re programmed to be friendly, anyway.

Why These Big Companies Want a New 3D File Format

More interested in the technical side of 3D printing than the applications? Looks like a new standardized 3D file format is on the way. Read about the companies leading the charge here.

State of the Industy

Legos get in on Manufacturing by CNC

You’d be amazed what you can make with Legos, and I’m not talking about those kits at the toy store. Check out this milling machine made ENTIRELY from Legos, but for its drill bit.


Will TRACE Revolutionize Surf Competition Judging?

Tech innovations aren’t just limited to manufacturing. Check out this new technology sweeping competitive sports.

The Robbie Madison Water Bike

A bike that rides on water?? You have to see it to believe it.

What are Kids Up To These Days?

Ever wonder what your kids are doing on their phones? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Let’s find out.