Rapid Randomness: The 3D Printed Dress

When you think about 3D printing, the last thing you probably think about is “fashion”. Not so for Nervous System, however, a leading company in creading 3D printed “cloth”, accessories, and more.


The company has created a process using 3D printed “petals” to create a cloth-like material which can be made into clothing. The video above shows the intuitive process by which users can design a dress just for them.

Don’t get too excited just yet–at the moment, just one dress can run you $3000. But the company is always looking for ways to bring down the price, and they have a wide variety of stunning 3-D printed jewelry available for purchase through their website.
So what do you think? Will we all be running around in 3D printed jumpsuits ten years from now? Or does that sound too uncomfortable? Leave your thoughts in the comments.
Originally posted at https://www.rapidcut.com/blog.